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El Rio

latino lgbt mural

3158 Mission St. San Francisco, CA

”Mexican Curious” is a mural that represents the diversity and equality within the Latino community in the United States. It depicts the many faces, traditions, and ethnic backgrounds that make us who we are today. Additionally, the mural champions sexual and gender diversity within the Latino zeigest which is represented by the pink triangle/genders on earring. We, as Latinos in America, are the collision of European and Native American culture at the intersection of immigrantion to the US in search of the American Dream. This has further expanded the unique combination of colors, food and traditions of our community and is the reason why we have Mexican cowboys in Texas and Pupusas being sold on Valencia Street in San Francisco. The mural promotes these ideals through its use of vibrant colors and familiar, yet diverse faces. It is a reminder that we should love every unique thread of culture as it all contributes to the overall fabric of our family and community.  



Collaboration with Winston Studios & Simon Malvaez

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